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No Next Seq or Song Mode for Arsenel? Im sure there is a reason but why not?

So as I'm tracking out a beat with my Trigger Finger Pro I was wondering why a Song Mode or Next Seq has not been implemented into Arsenel? is there a specific reason why? I understand that a lot of that depends on what DAW I'm using but for those of use who choose not to use Live how cool would it be to have a Song mode or Next Seq mode to program what is played next from a standpoint of Arsenel as a standalone VST. I know one can simply trigger what is played next from pushing a pad but to get to the next sequence but I'm always looking for ways to cut down on my workflow and when being focused on tracking out a beat I don't want to be listening to how many bars are left before I trigger the right pad for the next sequence. This May be minor for some but from a creativity stand point that time can be used on something else. Like getting ready to mix or what ever the process might be at the time. I'm currently using Sonar 6 LE and things are working great.

I was thinking to distinguish between a live proformance and Next Seq mode or Song Mode a tab component could be added to the Arsenel software with the -Setlist- tabled to switch between Song mode and -Setlist- tabs? I'm not sure how everything is nested in there but I could see that being a great addition to Arsenel. And this would actually give us more control over our sequences in the end.

Then the claims of the Trigger finger pro of it being a total production studio can be true. :P :)

I included a image of how I visualized it.

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