I’m frustrated

no sound! using M-Audio Midi Keyboard and Magix music Live 2016

any ideas? the cords plugged in. it worked fine, then I had to start switching speakers from computer to mid over and over, when at first I had both comp and mic /midi audio running thru speakers fine HELP!
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  • Hi Leif,

    Thanks for posting!

    Please keep in mind, the Oxygen MKIII is only a MIDI controller and cannot have any effect on the audio output from your computer and/or audio interface.

    To verify that the Oxygen is working correctly, test it with a MIDI Monitor:

    Using a MIDI Monitor to test your device

    If data appears in the display when you press keys, than the keyboard is working correctly and the issue is likely with setup or the DAW software. I would recommend contacting the DAW developer to take a closer look at how everything is set up.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!
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