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I’m confused and frustrated dammit

No signal with M-Audio M-Track interface.. please help

Hi I recently purchased the M-Audio M-Track Plus with ProTools express with the specific intention of recording vocals,
So I set up the interface, and my Sterling ST51 microphone in input 1, the mic/line switch in on mic/line, i have my gain turned up some and my phantom power on.
I installed protools and set up the I/O correctly with the help of several online guides, have the input set as M-Track audio 1 (mono) and output as my M-Track interface as well.
The only problem is, when I click record arm and get ready to record I simply get no signal. I am fairly new to this field, my only experience with interfaces and recording comes from using an Scarlet, a Mac and garageband.
Any suggestions on what to do? I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks.
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