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One single knob not linking with Massive, but links with everything else.


I'm using Massive in FL Studio 10 and I use an Oxygen 25 3rd Generation.
Whenever I link my knobs, all of the knobs work instead of the C2 twist knob. When I load another VST besides Massive, it works just fine on another VST. Please help!
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  • Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for posting!

    It sounds like you may be better off contacting Massive to make sure that you're mapping the knobs correctly. But first you could test with MIDI Monitor to verify what the knob is sending:

    Using a MIDI Monitor to test your device

    Ideally the knob would be sending a CC message, so MIDI Monitor should tell you if that's happening or not. Depending on what that is, you may just want to start by assigning a new CC message to the knob, like this:

    - Press EDIT.
    - Press the CTRL SEL key and move the knob.
    - Press the CTRL ASGN key and use the numeric keys to enter a new CC number.
    - Press the ENTER key to finish.

    Try it again! Let me know if this helps!
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