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Opinions on Playability of Oxygen MK IV Drum Pads?

Wanted to get the group's thoughts and opinions on the feel, response, and general playability of new Oxygen MK IV drum pads? I'm looking for a new, easy-to-use controller for use with Ableton. The new Oxygen (with Xpand!2 and Sonivox Twist) seems to be ideal! I would like some nice, playable, responsive drum pads. The Oxygen's pads seem to be ideal from a size standpoint (medium-sized / not too small). Particularly for those that have used other drum pad products, how do the Oxygen MK IV pads compare with respect to feel, playability, responsiveness, and adjustable parameters? Thanks!
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  • Hey RayJ,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Oxygen 49's pads are velocity sensitive and can be further configured for customized response. Their note range can be globally edited for all 8 pads simultaneously by holding down the Shift and Select buttons and pressing the + or - Octave buttons.

    The larger pads are designed to respond like a MIDI drum station, providing a range of velocities to increase the dynamic range of performance. In addition, Ableton will allow you to customize the controller even further with the MIDI Map feature.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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