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I’m frustrated and sad

Oxygen 25 keyboard and Ableton Live 9 : Cannot get reaction from keyboard

Hello all,

I bought an Oxygen 25 for my son (and me) a few weeks ago. We installed Ableton Live from the DVD and since then we've been banging our heads of the desk just trying to get ableton to make a sound when we press a key on the keyboard.

The basic attempt is to select an instrument , drag to the big area that says "Drop Audio Effects here"

I have set up the preferences as follows

and the midi preferences are

When I click on the different instruments in the Categories windows/menus then I hear the instrument on the PC speakers so the Audio out seems OK ?

Is the an Absolute Total Dummies Strter Guide for getting the Oxygen 25 to make some, any noise with Ableton ?

This has been terribly frustrating and its a real pain to have that new gift sit unused weeks down the line.

A related issue then is does anyone know of someong who gives Ableton Live courses, one on one, over the PC/Skype whatever ?

best regards (and help, please !)

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