Oxygen 25 knobs not working in reason 5

So I'm at the point where I've configured the Oxygen 25. It plays the keys, bends the pitch and modulates using the wheels however, the knobs do not work. I've tried right clicking on a parameter that I want to assign to a knob and choose edit remote override mapping, when selecting learn from device, I can see that it's detecting input from keys/wheel but not from the knobs.

What's going on here and what am I missing?
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  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks for posting!

    This may happen depending on how you set up the Oxygen in your Control Surface preferences initially. For example, if you only set up the Oxygen as a "keyboard" and not a "control keyboard."

    The right way to set up the Oxygen MKIII (blue) would be to choose it's own control surface mapping from the list, set the ports accordingly and choose preset 10. It's possible that if you want to manually map the knobs after this, you may need to choose a different preset on the Oxygen.

    I hope this helps!
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