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Oxygen 49 connecting through Mbox2?

I've been out of the game for a little bit and just picked up an Oxygen 49. Historically I have connected a midi controller through my Mbox2 and then to my laptop. As the Oxygen49 doesn't have a midi input, is there a way to connect through my Mbox2 as the soundcard on my laptop can't handle it. Any help appreciated.
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  • Hey Matt,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Oxygen 49 connects exclusively via USB - your computer's bus should be able to provide enough power to the Oxygen for it to function. The Mbox2 does not have a USB hub so you wouldn't be able to use that to connect the Oxygen.

    If your computer is not able to power the Oxygen, you may be able to use a powered USB hub to provide power to it send MIDI data to your computer.

    I hope that helps you!
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