Oxygen 49 Mk4 doesn't store settings??

Please help :( I just learned how to set toggle mode for transport buttons so I can use it with my DAW (reaper). Works great but after I turn off/on my keyboard the settings all reset and I have to set them again. Do I have to save them somehow after setting or autosave doesn't work?
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    The section about "non-volatile memory" and auto-saving in the user guide was actually a typo. It's no longer found in the user guides available online:

    Oxygen 49 (New) User Guide

    Sorry for the confusion! Here's an excerpt from the manual for using the Store function. Hope this helps!


    Store: The Store function saves control assignment settings to one of 10 memory locations.

    IMPORTANT: Storing new assignment settings will overwrite the contents of the selected memory location.

    1. Press the Edit button.
    2. Press the Store key. The LED screen will show the number of the last selected memory location (for example,
    3. Enter the number of the memory location you want to store the new settings to by using the number keys or the
    “” buttons.
    4. Press the Enter key to save the changes and overwrite the previous settings of the memory location.
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