Oxygen 61 MKIV with overlapping assignments on MainStage 3

Im having trouble with fader C3 and my pitch wheel. They both keep being mapped as 71(Timbre) - they both have the same parameter. I have tried re mapping them in MainStage, however, they both keep reverting back to the same settings. I have done a factory reset and it stays the same. I am assuming it has something to do with the signal being sent from the keyboard? I don't know ... Any thoughts?
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  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for posting!

    That's probably right. They may both be sending the same cc message. PItch bend would send a very complicate message that extends pas the normal range of a regular cc value. The Oxygen also has some "special assignment" cc values that can be used for more complicated messages like combined program/bank change messages and may overlap in your software.

    First, you should just try changing presets. This should change any fader cc assignments. Presets 7-10 are general MIDI assignments and may work the best for you.

    But you can also check out the User Manual for more info on changing the cc value of faders and other controls. There is an index in there that will show you what the general assignments are for knobs and faders. You'll see that anything over 127 is an extra message type. This is where you might run in to the fader overlapping with a pitch bend.

    I hope this helps!
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