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oxygen 61 with direct link in cubase . how can i make 'stop' go to the beginning of a new cycle

I installed the Direct Link download & copied the .dll etc & set-up Cubase to accept midi control messages & it all works fine when I press ' Auto'. but
If I change position of the cycle markers in Cubase pressing ' Stop' twice will not make the DAW position the transport postion to the beginning of the newly postioned cycle left locator.
eg. I am in cycle mode @ bar 25 to 41. Press stop on Oxy - it stops. Press again , it goes to bar 41 - fine. If I then drag back the left locator to bar 17 & press ' stop' again - the cursor will not go to bar 17.- it goes back to bar 25 again
Is it supposed to happen ? hope i don't have to wade thru Steinberg ' help' or ask them ofc.
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