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Oxygen25: midi cc for presets?

Oxygen25: how to control instruments in LogicX (presets up/down) with "-"/"+"? How do I have to set up a midi cc? When usinf DirectLink everything works fine so far but there is no possibility of controlling presets for VSTs yet.
Strange: when using Korg Legacy (M1, Wavestation egg.) as standalone, everything works with "-"/"+". Opening LogicX, than it doesn`t work. Deactivating DirectLink, there are no rules with setup Mackie.

I know, that Nexus is using midi cc #96 & #97 for presets changes as an example but I don`t know how to set this up in LogicX (do I have to use Mackie and deactivating DirectLink or...)?

SetUp: Oxygen25 (3rd gen), OSX El Capitan, LogicX.

What be helpful for a guideline as a beginner (english or german) :-)
Who can help me because it should be very easy for you all as professionals....
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    In order to change plugins in your VST/AU plugin you need a program change (sometimes CC96/97 will work for this too).

    The + and - buttons on the Oxygen will send a program change when set to do so. Press the SELECT button and you will see a small dot move at the bottom of the Oxygen display. Press SELECT until that dot appears above "PGM." The + and - buttons will now send program changes to your plugin.

    If this is not working in Logic, you may have a filter turned on in Logic that is filtering out program changes.

    I hope this helps!
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