Oxygen88 Faulty Knob - Mainstage Fix

Good day!

I rely on my Oxygen88 plus MainStage (latest version) for gigging. My use of the keyboard's functions itself is pretty limited - I could easily do without all the faders and knobs...

For the past few months I've been having a problem where the right stereo channel kept dropping in MainStage when I switched on the keyboard. Quitting the program and reopening it always seemed to fix it, but I'm wasn't so sure after encountering the issue consistently while playing some bigger, less relaxed (proper sound team), gigs recently.

Anyhow, after a night of long overdue troubleshooting, I reckon the keyboard's Pan is malfunctioning. I'm not sure if it is the C14 control itself, but when I switch the keyboard on, it cycles the Pan messages down to zero (initial LED display is 74, then 75, then cycling down to 0, then displays 10). If I turn C14 all the way up, it just cycles all the way back down.

This obviously means that the signal will be weighted 100% to the left channel. What I didn't realise is that the keyboard no longer works with DirectLink, so the change in the Pan knob on the software that I expected to see wasn't forthcoming.

I was almost despairing at another faulty M-Audio keyboard (my ProKeys88 fell victim to a F#3 freeze issue) until I found a quick fix in MainStage.

I went to the global/top track in the patch list, clicked on Assignments & Mappings, then from the cog icon menu on the right, created a New Assignment. I then assigned the Pan control (Channel 1 > 10) to "None" and weyhey, the fault no longer effects my MainStage Concert.

Hope this helps somebody someday!


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  • Corey S (Official Rep) May 05, 2016 18:03
    Thanks for sharing this, Chris!

    This is very strange though. I'm curious if it has something to do with the hardware or the directlink. Have you tested that knob with any other software to see if it responds the same way?

    It may be a good idea to run a test with a MIDI Monitor just to confirm if this is coming directly from the knob or not:

    MIDI Monitor

    • Open MIDI Monitor with all other programs closed.
    • In the "Sources" section, check the boxes for your controller's ports.
    • Now MIDI Monitor will list all incoming MIDI Messages.

    So if you just open the MIDI monitor and twist the knob, the MIDI Monitor will show you what it's sending. If it jumps all the way back down to zero (or 10), at least you'll know that this is coming directly from the board.

    Let me know how this goes but either way thanks for sharing your fix!
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