oxygen 49 sending unwanted control messages

I've got the m-audio midi keyboard oxygen 49 silver.My system is Mac osx 10.7.4 and my daw is Logic pro.
The keyboard sends control messages the minute I turn it on..It keeps sending pan messages,even if I delete them from the event editor,or correct the pan setting it immediately sends the message again..over and over again..Most of the time I don't even see the control message on the event list but my track is panned.It even changes the pan positions on audio channels I don't know how that is possible but it does.It's driving me crazy and messing up my whole project.I tried to reset to factory settings,as it says press data +,- on power up but it doesn't work.Honestly I'm not sure which ones are the data +,- buttons,there are 3 keyboard buttons data 1,data 2 ,data 3 and the manual says the left one is data + the right one is data - but it doesn't work..maybe they're not the right ones..
I would really appreciate if someone could help.thanks in advance.
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