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Pitch Bend wheel is freaking out

Hello all!

I've been seeing issues with my Oxygen 49 (Silver), where the LCD screen has been acting erratic (the numbers on the screen jump around while all knobs and wheels are set to zero). This issue has seemed to have come up out of seemingly nowhere.

I remember working on a project and could tell that the pitch bend wheel was randomly jumping up and down on its own. I plugged in a different USB MIDI keyboard and it worked perfectly fine. I tried a MIDI mono-synth and it worked fine too.

I tried resetting the Oxygen 49 (by holding the + and - buttons while turning it on), but that didn't seem to affect it at all. If anything it seemed to act OK for a brief moment, and then the LCD screen started acting up again. I made sure my DAW didn't have any custom bindings to the MIDI sliders or knobs. I also made sure to install any available drivers, but that didn't change anything either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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