Possible solution to Random Pitch Bend Messages on Oxygen and other M-Audio Keyboards

I have just posted the following on a couple of threads where it appears many people have been have a problem with random and faulty pitch bends. Perhaps you can revert to the other users and get a bit of your reputation back...very bad that this was not picked up in the design. The pitch wheel design is very cheap and nasty and was bound to give problems.

Posted as below.

"I hope you guys haven't thrown your keyboards away! I have just finished putting my Oxygen 61 back together.... and it was relatively simple to fix. (strange that M-Audio could not offer a solution!)

The random pitch bend problem may be the same problem for all this era of M-Audio keyboards.

I just opened it to have a look at the pitch wheel and sure enough, it was a matter of adjusting the spring and locking mechanism. If anyone is interested I can post pics somewhere, but you'll probably be able to figure it out!

Or maybe I will post the possible solution to M-Audio and they can get back to you."
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  • Hi Huntly,

    Thanks for posting!

    I'm glad that you were able to sort this out and are willing to share the solution with our other users!

    While i want users to be able to resolve their issues quickly and easily, I cannot recommend that anyone take apart the product as this may void a warranty or, in some circumstances, cause further damage.

    Anyone willing to try this, please do so at your own risk. I'd urge users to leave this as a last resort if they are already outside of their warranty.

    Thanks again!
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