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How to program a series of MIDI sets/configurations on Code 61?


I've recently purchased a Code 61 kbd. I basically wanted to control via MIDI an old Yamaha RM1X just as I used to do through a Korg X3, using one combi (with MIDI layers and different keyboard splits) for each song of my set list. I don't use my computer on perfomances, only MIDI. I realized code 61 only have 12 presets, definitely inadequate for my purpose. Am I doing something wrong? Could you help me, please?

Excuse me for my English, by the way. I've attached a picture for best explanation.
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  • Hey Jordi,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Code has a maximum of 12 Presets in standalone. These 12 presets can be saved to your computer via a SysEx dump and reloaded to the hardware at any time.

    To send a SysEx file from your Code Series keyboard to your computer:

    1. On your computer, set your SysEx librarian to record.

    2. On your Code Series keyboard, press Edit to enter Edit Mode. The Edit button will light up.

    3. On your computer, start recording with the SysEx librarian.

    4. On your Code Series keyboard, press the Mem Dump key. It will ask you what preset you would like to send TO. Use the numeric keys (0–9) or Preset Down/Up buttons to enter the desired preset number (00–12), and then press Enter.

    5. Your Code Series keyboard will send the SysEx file, and SYS will appear in the display.

    To send a SysEx file to your Code Series keyboard from your computer:

    1. On your computer, open your SysEx librarian, and make sure your Code is selected as the MIDI Out port.
    2. Use your SysEx librarian to send a SysEx file.
    3. SYS will appear in your Code Series keyboard’s display to indicate that it is receiving the SysEx file. This will overwrite its current presets.
    4. Do one of the following:

    5. • Press one of the Preset Down/Up buttons to load a new preset.
      • Use your Code Series keyboard’s Power Button to power it off and then on again.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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