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Pro Tools Express: Unable to locate Hardware. Make sure it's connected and turned on." It's already conected and turned on,what should I do?

I've bought an USB Audio and MIDI Interface and the model of the product is: M-Track Plus. The Pro Tools Express came with it and I'm trying to use it, but it isn't working since a window appears while launching the software saying: "Unable to locate Hardware, make sure it's connected and turned on". This is happening after I've downloaded and activated everything required.
What should I do?
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  • Hello Leonardo,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you're having trouble!

    Are you using a Mac or PC? Which OS version?

    Do you have any other audio programs that the M-Track Plus is working with? An audio program or even something simple like an internet browser, music player, etc...

    You have installed the drivers for your M-Track Plus? Here is the driver download site:

    (USB Audio and MIDI Interface > M-Track Plus > Your Operating System)

    Let me know and I'll be happy to help!
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