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Problem with re-activating software after mainboard replacment


I am the owner of two devices from m-audio - Keystation 49 and M-Audio 2x2 (which by the way hasn't worked properly since I bought them and I have the same problems as people who are still reporting). A month ago, I bought and replaced the motherboard on my computer without first deactivating the assigned software in the iLok License Manager. I sold the old motherboard. As a result, I cannot use the purchased software - neither deactivation nor license transfer works. This is my main problem right now. I have sent a ticket through - I haven't received a reply. I have send again - you answered me from with information that in matters of license activation I should write to: I sent a message there but I got an instant message from the machine that the m-audio domain does not have the softwaresales address. And the message could not be delivered. Can I ask you to indicate the correct place where there is a chance to solve my license problem?

Thanks in advance

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