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ProFire 610 96kHz / 192kHz no sound

Hello, I have a ProFire 610 interface.
When I go to settings and try to use higher sample rate than 48kHz I don't have sound anymore.
anyone know why ?
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  • Hey DoYouW,

    Thanks for posting!

    The ProFire 610 is a legacy product with limited available support but let's see if we can figure out what might be happening. This interface was supported up to Windows 8 and macOS 10.10.1. The last available drivers for these operating systems can be downloaded at the links below:

    M-Audio ProFire 610 Driver (v6.1.1) - Windows

    M-Audio ProFire 610 Driver (v2.4.4) - Mac

    Make sure that you are using an OS that is compatible with the available drivers. What software are you using with the ProFire? Be sure to configure your session to the same sample rate that the interface is using where applicable.

    Try that and let me know how it works out!
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