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ProFire Series ... Meets FPGA

I managed to acquire a ProFire 610 off eBay after realizing that the DICE/MCU/ASIC board was separate. The 34 pin header between the DICE board and the analog board has all the I2S lines and some configuration lines for various IO on the user panel and the DAC IC. I am pretty close to having it generate audio without the DICE board in place.

Granted, this is all a hobby to me and only a curiosity. I would expect a lot of work to get anything remotely comparable to the 610 with the DICE board, but the FPGA would definitely make this unit future proofed more than it is now.

My research has lead me to some speculation that the ProFire series was ultimately slayed due to the DICE ASIC becoming unavailable due to an acquisition of TC Applied Technologies. Go find the DICE development kit... you wont.
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