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ProFire 2626 not being detected by control panel

ProFire 2626
Amd fx 8120 desktop - Windows 7 64 bit /sp1
Cubase 5
Both the DAW and the M-audio Control Panel do not recognize my device. I have tried multiple times uninstalling/installing drivers especially the newer one windows6.1.1.. The control panel just simply recommends that I retry over and over. Ive even tried the old driver updates for the same operating system. Nothing has worked, any help would be greatly appreciated it.

One more quick question its been forever since Ive used this interface(4~5years)*used to work* and when you guys/gals turn it on does the interface flash blue on power and then flash 1 time RED across all of the interface clip lights? And then the blue power stays solid. Cuz if that's bad then that be my issue
Thanks again
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