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Questions regarding CTRL49 and Code49


I've just been to my local retailer to check out the CTRL49 and the Code49. Not quite sure which one to get yet, so maybe you guys can help me. I've watched the tutorial videos of both keyboards on YouTube - but still, there are some questions left unanswered.

1. So first of all, the CTRL49-display showed that it couldn't launch the VIP software although the VIP software was running on the computer. In the end, this made browsing impossible. My retailer couldn't figure out what was wrong with that. Is this a common problem to happen? If I would buy a CTRL49 and this happens to me aswell, what would I have to do? On the computer, only VIP was running without any DAW.

2. With the browsing not working, I could use several knobs - but on the display, they had cryptic names which didn't relate to the effect I was manipulating. So I didn't know what I was actually manipulating. Also, many knobs weren't assigned, so I had to manually MIDI-learn them. I used Massive most of the time for testing this, as it's the software I use most often at home. So: Is this normal? Cause on the offical m-audio-website, it says: "Pre-mapped to hundreds of industry-leading virtual insturments"

3. Following this: How well are Komplete-VSTs premapped in VIP in general?

4. Is there any button on both the CTRL49 or the Code49 which starts automation in my DAW? By the way, my DAW of choice is Reaper, if this is relevant.

5. Can I assign the individual pad-buttons manually in terms of colour and sound for both the CTRL49 and the CODE49? For instance, when loading a drum-VST, assigning a blue color to the cymbals and a red to a snare-sound.

6. Am I able to have different sounds on the pads as on the keyboard?

Thanks very much in advance!

- Olli
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