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Recording in Mono vs. Stereo

hi there i have purchased m audio 2x2 m and using mixcraft 7, when i play guitar it is mono how can this be, i have been using line 6 ux2 for a few years and it is always stereo in mixcraft
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  • Hi Phil,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you're using a single channel, i.e. one instrument input on the M-track, the signal is in mono. To put it simply when referring to inputs, one channel/input is mono, two is stereo (like using a pair of microphones). This goes for selecting track inputs in Mixcraft, too. If you select a single input, instead of a stereo (like M-Track 1-2) than you're going to record in mono. Typically the DAW would have you create a mono or stereo track to begin with though.

    With something like the Line 6 though, I know that they provide a lot of guitar effects software, so maybe the software was converting it to a stereo signal? Such as using a stereo delay or reverb?

    I hope this helps!
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