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Single press of G4 , Panic and control sel keys multiple notes are playing in Ableton lite DAW , kindly provide any solution

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  • Eliza (Official Rep) May 10, 2019 13:19
    Hey Swarup saha,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. We can verify whether your Oxygen 49 is sending the correct MIDI data to your computer with MIDI monitoring software. A MIDI monitor will show you all the incoming data from any MIDI controllers or MIDI interfaces that you have connected to your computer.

    For testing MIDI devices on PC:
    Download MIDI-OX

    This video will get you set up quickly for MIDI input monitoring in MIDI-OX:
    Monitoring MIDI Input with MIDI-OX

    For testing MIDI devices on Mac:
    Download snoize: MIDI Monitor

    Select the Oxygen 49 as a MIDI input source in the monitor and send some data with its keys and controllers. If you see ghost data (MIDI notes that were not pressed but trigger with the press of a different key) appear in the input monitor window, then we can confirm that it is a hardware issue.

    If the controller is not sending random MIDI data to your computer it will only need to reconfigured for MIDI input in the software you're using. Please refer to your software's documentation for more information regarding software setup. For Ableton, I recommend checking your MIDI Map index to see if there are any accidental MIDI assignments.

    If the randomly generated MIDI data is resulting from the hardware, it'll need to be repaired. Warranty and non-warranty claims cannot be handled here on the forum but I can point you in the right direction! Here are a couple of options that you could choose from:

    • Submit a Warranty or Service Inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto the M-Audio Support Page. Select Warranty or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu. This will not require a support code.


    • For faster support, call or email your nearest Support Office or International Distributor. Select your country to find the nearest office.

    Make sure to reference or link to this thread to help out the support team.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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