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Some possible Code 25/49/61 Feature list

M audio code series 2.0
Okay so I've been playing around with this keyboard for about a year-ish and these are easy (I hope) features that can be implemented in to the device or be an extra CC output. In honour of it- in my head being update 2.0- I had 20 ideas that can either be cheaply tweaked/added in the keyboards OS or can be ideas used for the next iteration of midi keyboard as I'm aware some of these may actually be impossible depending on how the device was made.

I recommend having some of these features as "Preset Editor Programmable Exclusive"- means that you'll have to get
the updated preset editor to handle all these new features as they will not be accessible on the keyboard because the keyboard seems to be designed with the original features being the only features in its life time and hidden menus/options isn't that user friendly or accessable. Bonus is that users have an incentive to download the preset editor and update there keyboard resolving old bugs allowing them to have a more user friendly experience.

1) On/off on pad.
- Have the "X,y Pad" send out touch as on/off in a CC message so you can activate effects and so on.

2) Keyboard tracking.
- My personal reasoning is that I have a Kaossilator (reference: retrokits rk-002 midi cable)

- I would implement this as either full board or have the additional option of zoning, select your 'lowest key' [LK] and 'highest key' [HK]
and the preset editor will work out the increment of value between the LK & HK (you can change the individual key values in
the preset editor)

-To go the most customisable route, have editable graphs in the editor so you can choose/make your own keyboard tracking curves

3) Key on/off [1 output for all].

- This is like the same message as "x,y on/off" except for keys, allows more interesting implementation.

- Also I request this so I can trick the kaoss pad into thinking I'm touching the pad physically so I can play the presets.

*I would allow the user to change if the message retriggers after every key press or works like legato

4) Disable Program change and/or CC

- This acts like a midi filter if the value on the keyboard is -1 it disables the data being sent
(versus 0 having no program/control value change but still sending protocol data)

- In the preset editor just have the option to disable

5) Zone 1-4 + octave [-/+] = Quick zone octave change

- Hold any of the zone keys to activate quick options, applies to oct -/+

- This allows the individual zones to have there own octave instead of ocave change being applied globally

6) Zone 1-4 + transpose + octave = quick zone transpose
- Same as above just for transpose

7) Disable Zone & Zone 1-4
- Have the option to disable zone button and zone 1-4 buttons from sending program data.

- This would be a welcome feature because it really interferes my workflow between the keyboard and DAW

8) 12 presets as 12 different devices - (Driver side implementation)
- Personal explanation is that on Image-line's DAW 'FL' they allow devices to be sent to a special port which can then be routed to certain vsts but can only do that with 'CODE 61'
so why not have each preset come up as a device but only usable when the keyboard is on that preset? that means users can have presets dedicated to certain vsts and switch between them on the keyboard.
But on FL or selected DAW it comes up as 12 different midi devices but you can only toggle between one out of the 12

9) Add orange to buttons.
- Its a secondary colour, and its the 'main' colour of the device, why isnt it on the buttons??
*if the leds are rgb, would there be a way to implement 255.255.255 colour input?
*If that is possible any chance can it be applied to every rgb Led to add more user customisability

10) smoother mouse control
- It's just a bit janky at the moment

11) X,Y Pad calibration
- My fat fingers can't get to the edge meaning that the furthest I can go in live use is 3~125 and not 0-127
- I recommend having this program built into the editor and then send the data to the keyboard, the programme would only have to ask the user to follow the edges of the device clockwise 3 times and then get the minimum and maximum average of the X,Y axis

12) turn off mod and pitch wheel light

13) Disable value visual
-allow the user to disable values being brought up on the seven segment display

14) encoder visual option
- Toggle between 0-127 or -63 to 63 (mackie control universal's Panning would make more sense on the device's visual)

15) X,Y Pad hold [Shift + touching the pad]
-If implementing feature number 1 I recommend also this: Shift + touching the pad holds the position that was last inputted and doesn't send an off message

16) Quick channel select [Hold channel + touch a numbered drum pad]
- When you hold the 'channel' button you can quickly input the channel you want to jump to by touching the corresponding numbered drum pad

17) midi in triggers pad color change / button change
- It'll be an interesting to see if this is possible on the Code range as it will add more visual feedback to the user,
however I'm aware that you may need to add a whole new midi in infrastructure to allow lights being turned on and off.

18) Sensitivity Calibration
- my drum pads have varying sensitivity not much but lighty noticeable so to get around this maybe a sensitivity calibration with in the preset editor like number 11

19) Global velocities applied to each 12 presets individually
- Some presets I would like to have velocity (my presets that are for EP and piano plugins) whilst others velocity need to be off for me

20) and/or 16 different velocities to each pad
- If number 18 can be implemented it would be interesting to see what users can do with editing the raw values.
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