Some thoughts about the Venom...

Hi M-Audio, hi everyone!

I just got an M-Audio Venom. I'm not going to add up to what everything has been told, I'm struggling with the drivers and firmware and software, running windows 8.1, nothing seems to work, blah blah blah. I read the corresponding topics but didn't find a solution.


I mainly wanted to say how much I enjoy using this keyboard, the sound is unlike any other, and some features are absolutely mind-blowing, in this price range or in any price range. This is some very high level of sound design.

It is clear that this synth comes from a passionate team of developpers and musicians, who wanted to give something new to this world. Some compromises were made, mostly in terms of interface, but there are so many things to tweak when diving in it with the software.

I just wanted to say that many people out there, myself included, are using and appreciating this device. It is an unfortunate turn of events that gave the Venom a reputation it does not always deserve.

It would be utopic to ask for more support, yet the Venom went very close to be a breakthrough in the synthesis world, and we, as a community, may get the Venom to live long and prosper, despite the complications.

Thank you :)

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