Stereo ORTF Superluxe S502 with a Microtrack II


I have long time ago a Microtrack II that I use for home recording while practising or preparing concerts (I play viola, classical music). Time to time I recorder concerts with the little "T" mic provided, but now I want something more ambitious and I'm thinkig about to get a Superluxe S502 (quite affordable for non profi rec I think). It has good reviews and it seems easy to use it and very easy to place it with good results.

But I'm not sure about how to connect it to the M-track since this microphone has a connection XLR 5 pin. They provide a cable from XLR 5 pin to two XLR 3 pin. Muy question is about the phantom power and if the M-track will have enough power to gain both channels.

Also I not sure about the connection I should use.

XLR 3 pin to Jack perhaps?

Thanks a lot
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