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Stereo recording a DJ set with M-Track 2x2

I have recently purchased the M-Audio M-Track 2x2 audio interface and i have the following question:

I am a dj and i would like to record my sets. My mixer ( Reloop 33i ) has balanced xlr outputs and unbalanced rca outputs.
I can for sure record one side of the mix through the combo xlr/jack on the back as it accepts line level inputs.
But i would like to know if i can record the other side of the mix by inputting it through the instrument jack on the front ( i know it is unbalanced, i can get an unbalanced out from the mixer's rca outs ).

Will the input being HI-Z affect the quality of the sound? Will it distort?
Is it any chance that i will destroy either my mixer or my audio interface?
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  • Hey Octavian ROBU,

    Thanks for posting!

    The signal types do not match so I would not advise using the instrument inputs on the front. Using the front inputs to record audio would not harm the equipment but I would not recommend using these inputs outside of their intended purpose of recording instruments with passive pickups. If you want to record multiple channels at once, you would do well to use an audio interface that has the correct number of inputs you need. If you are recording two inputs, you could consider the M-Track 2X2M as it has two combo XLR inputs.

    I hope that helps you!
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