Switching Control Banks For Multiple Instances of Arsenal in DAW

While using multiple instances of Arsenal in my DAW (Ableton Live 9), how do I switch the control banks to follow the instance of Arsenal that I have open/selected? Whenever I try to switch to a second or third instance of Arsenal (whether from my TFP directly, or by using my mouse/keyboard), the control bank in my Trigger Finger Pro is still tied to the original Arsenal instance that was setup first. When I close the first instance of Arsenal (my drums) and open the second instance (Base-line) of Arsenal, I'm trying to get the control bank to follow the focused instance of Arsenal that I have up on my screen...but as I mentioned, it is still controlling the parameters from the first instance of Arsenal that was loaded.

Hope this makes sense. I hope this is possible to do, and I'm just doing something simple wrong.


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