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TFP+Cubase: tfp stops sending midi when i touch the sequencer

Hi all!
After enjoying some weeks of stability and peace with tfp and cubase 5 in win7 64bit a new problem has showed up. Completely different from the ones in the past:
*I create an instument track in cubase, arsenal vst plugin
*i load up a sequence in tfp
*i set external clock in tfp
*i press record/play in cubase and everything works great as it should be
IF I touch any button on the sequenser the tfp stops sending midi FOREVER!
I have to restart cubase in order to have the midi back from tfp. Then again the same, if i touch the tfp it stops sending midi signal. If I use other controller the arsenal vst plays just fine.
Any ideas of how to solve this??!
Thanks :)
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  • Hey RadioS,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry you're having some trouble with that! Let's test out the MIDI clock transfer with a MIDI monitor and see how the TFP responds to it. Be sure to have the TFP set to use an External clock source.

    Before we can perform the test, we'll need to download MIDI-OX, which can be found here:

    Download MIDI-OX

    When MIDI-OX is installed, we will set up the TFP to receive clock from the software and also act as a MIDI input device for MIDI-OX. Select Options > MIDI Devices... and set up the TFP like this:

    When the TFP is configured, make sure you are looking at the MIDI-OX input monitor by selecting Window > 2 Monitor - Input. When you've got the open the View/Generate MIDI Sync menu at the top of MIDI-OX like in the image below:

    In the MIDI Sync dialogue that appears, put a check in the box marked Send Clock. Press the Play button in the dialogue. MIDI-OX will send clock data to the TFP and you will see notes in the software's input monitor window generated by the sequence that is loaded into the TFP as seen in the background of this image:

    When you see the MIDI data streaming into MIDI-OX, we can perform the test which should be as simple as pressing a button in the sequencer. If you can use step buttons, pads, and controllers and the sequencer is still playing, we know the TFP can receive MIDI clock and continue to send MIDI data after you use controllers on the TFP. If you cannot reproduce what you are experiencing in Cubase with MIDI-OX, we can determine that there is something going on with Cubase.

    If you can reproduce what you're experiencing and the TFP stops sending MIDI data to MIDI-OX, let me know!
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