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tfp step sequencer not working in cubase 9.5

ive got my tfp set up in cubase 9.5 and its controlling it as it should ive followed the tutorials and my faders/buttons..etc all control functions in cubase but i cant record a sequence ive done on the tfp into cubase.
ive set up the tfp clock to external but it wont play the sequence created on the tfp if i set it too internal clock on the tfp then the sequence works but it wont record correctly into cubase i have to manually try and press the play button as cubases record is starting which is next to impossible to get bang on time so its very frustrating.
i see vids of people using it in albleton and it seems to start and import notes into the daw correctly and seems in sync but in cubase i can either record i cant its either record in standalone or nothing.

can anyone help please ive get everything set up so its working but the last piece the sequencer isnt..i just want to create step sequences on the tfp and record them into cubase 9.5

hope someone can help thanks
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  • Hey Wayne,

    Thanks for posting!

    This knowledge base article will help you configure your TFP with Cubase:

    M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro - Cubase & Arsenal Setup

    If you want to record a sequence from the TFP into Cubase, you must set Cubase to receive MIDI data from the output of the TFP. You do want to have the TFP synchronized with Cubase's clock so keep External selected on the TFP. You should be able to arm the track that the TFP is assigned to in Cubase, record in Cubase and play the sequence from the TFP. The MIDI data that the TFP sends to Cubase should record to the track in Cubase just like if you were manually entering MIDI if you were tapping out a beat on the pads.

    I hope that helps you!
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