The midi clock of Venom with my daw does not really match

I am using Reaper 5 and when I send the midi clock from Reaper to Venom at 100 bpm it seems that Venom Arp is not really playing at 100. It's about 99 or 98 so after some seconds the metronome is not sync with the multies.

After digging in Google I have realise that the firmware was not completely fixed after M-Audio discontinued the product.

However I have found a workaround.

Lets suppose that I am going to play multi in a sequence of C, E, and B. The multi include drum and bass.

First I make a track with the midi that is going to be played by Venom multi only in one tone for example in C.

Then I record the audio of this track in another track.

After I mute the midi and time stretch the audio to match exactly with the markers with F2 to the audio track. The playback rate that works well for me at 100bpm is 1.002900

Now the drum&bass fits exactly with the metronome. So I only have to take separately the other notes and glue all the audio in the same track.

I hope that can help others with the same issue.
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