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I’m frustrated

The sound is only hearable on the right headphone

I have an M-Track 2x2 C Series + BM-800 and whenever I play back my audio on audacity,I only hear it on my right headphone and with a very shallow volume (I have 100% volume on windows and Phantom Power Enabled)
I have the drives and I use no adapters,when I plug the mic straight into the pc with an xlr to 3.5mm jack,I head the sound from both sides
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  • Hello Jason,

    Thanks for posting!

    Phantom power will not affect the volume of your output - it will provide power to a microphone that requires external phantom power to function. If you need more volume in your microphone's signal, try increasing the input gain. If you need more output volume, increase the main output volume or the headphone output volume.

    The USB/Direct knob will also affect the apparent volume of your signal. Setting the knob toward USB will increase the apparent volume of audio coming from your computer (via USB). Setting the knob toward Direct will yield the direct audio signal from your microphone to the output and will not play back USB audio. These two sources can be blended with this knob and if the knob is set toward the middle, you may receive a summed signal with lower volume.

    When monitoring audio in mono with one microphone, you will hear audio in both channels but this does not necessarily equate to a stereo recording. It sounds like you may be recording on a stereo track with only one microphone input into Audacity. If you are using one input, record your audio to a mono track. You must use two input sources (like two microphones) in order to record a stereo track.

    I hope this is helpful!
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