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Trigger Finger pad (not the pro version) failing to connect to Presonus Studio One 4.5

I have a question about connecting the midi device.
Note - wanted to select my model in the product/service drop menu but it's not there so had to select the Pro.

My set up:
- Windows 10
- Studio 4.5 (Artist)
- Saffire Pro 24 Audio Interface
- Trigger Finger pad (NOT THE PRO VERSION)
- Latest driver installed
- Midi / USB cables both tried

I cannot get the programme to recognise the device or respond.
Does this work on Studio One 4.5 or what??

I've created the external device as a keyboard, set "receive from" and "send to" to be via my Saffire (I'm using a midi-out from the pad in to the midi-in to the Saffire) and set up the Impact plug-in but no response occurs. There's no sound meter reading when I hit the pads.

When I click the DAW's pads with my mouse, it plays just fine.

If I put it in "Learn" mode, it still doesn't register.

I've also tried connecting it via USB in to the standard USB 2.0 port, but windows says it does not recognise it.

So I downloaded the driver for the Trigger Finger (Windows 7 verified is all that's available, although I'm running windows 10) and reset the computer.
I then linked it up via USB, but it still doesn't recognise it in any of the ports, or via any of my USB cables.

Any ideas/trouble shooting / advice would would be really appreciated. I don't want to get rid of this pad when it could simply be a set-up error (which would likely only repeat itself in the Pro version when I get it).

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