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Trigger Finger Pro - Comprehensive Problem List?

Just picked up a basically unused TFP. I have read that there are a number of issues but it seems there are a number of people using it anyhow. Is there a single thread that lists all the known issues and any work-arounds? That would certainly be useful.

I know I will have to set my system clock to 2015 to install some of the software, but I know little else of specific problems with the TFP.

Yeah I can, and will, scour the forum for this information but it would be great if there was a single "known problems" thread.

I knew what I was getting into with this purchase. It's such a great piece of hardware it's really unfortunate that M-Audio dropped the ball on it. The mix of features is really compelling.

It's not the first time though. I own the Axiom 49 which is a great controller but arguably almost all of them are probably dead because of a bad boot circuit. I fixed mine myself. :-)
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