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Trigger Finger Pro connectivity problems

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  • September 07, 2015 19:50
    TFP Noob
    Change in reply by TFP Noob to 1. Nowhere in the documentation, were you directed to select/check off 2 different MIDI Input driver settings simultaneously! <br /> 2. Nowhere in the documentation were you instructed to look for those _specific_ MIDI driver entries, correct? <br /> 3. Instead, the documentation indicates the following should appear in Arsenal's <br /> CONFIGURE SETTINGS (click on the "gear" icon) &gt; I/O (Input/Output) Settings MIDI Input driver panel: <br /> Trigger Finger Pro MIDI ✔ select this one only! <br /> Trigger Finger Pro Mackie <br /> \ Trigger Finger Pro Arsenal (invisible on Windows PC systems) <br /> 4. You haven't any of the above, detected by Arsenal, judging from your supplied image, which by the way, doesn't even match the driver description names you typed out for us in your post! Download, unpack and install the Trigger Finger Pro MIDI Driver package from the DRUM MACHINES > TRIGGER FINGER PRO area of's \ Support > driver downloads site -- making absolutely certain you select the correct driver package per your Computer type, OS version number and addressing type (32 or 64-bit?) After unpacking and installing the driver, reboot your computer, and look inside Arsenal again (step #3 above) to make sure those 2 or 3 MIDI DRIVERS EXACTLY AS I'VE WORDED THEM, are present and only the 1st one is selected (Trigger Finger Pro MIDI) Hope this helps! .

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