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Trigger Finger Pro knobs, faders, and buttons, not working in ProTools 12.4

TFPro knobs, faders , and buttons aren't working ProTools 12.4 /Windows 8. Cursor and transport work. Using a Radar session controller in HUI 1,2,3 in Peripherals, HUI 4 is /TFP Mackie. Will the TFP work knobs/faders/buttons function in PT 12.4? Everything is mapped HUI, midi prefs and input and beat clock set correctly. Pads work for Virtual inst. I did a s fresh install of TFP and driver after the PT update. TFP does show up in Midi and Peripherals. Help? Thanks! Matt
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    Your ProTools should be showing these exact words for TFP connection: via the MIDI ports:


    You forgot to tell us readers your computer system specs.
    If on Windows PC, and the word MIDI is missing in the driver name on that top line, above, then go to M-Audio downloads area for Drum Machines and get the driver package for your specific Windows OS type.
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  • Thanks. Windows 8.1 (radar studio). Shows as TFP Mackie TFP midi in midi input devices, and TFP Mackie in peripheral/ midi controller/ HUI.
    Thanks. It is running transport and cursor.
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    • I spelled them TFP to save space here. In setup/midi/input devices it shows
      Trigger Finger Pro Mackie
      Trigger Finger Pro Midi... Both are checked
      In setup/ midi/beat lock/ it is the same dialog box. Both are selected.
      In setup/peripherals/midi controllers/ I have it selected (#4 HUI input Trigger Finger Pro Mackie output Trigger Finger Pro Mackie
      Everything. appears set just as In the good video w JC the M Audio guy. I appreciate your help. The unit is fine for pads and playing the VST's, and transport .
      Thanks for your help
    • 'Just making sure we are aware that resolving technical problems deserve precision in communicating -- so thanks for the accurate feedback Matt

      I've been thinking thru your issue, in anticioation of nailing it down for you. If I cannot, let's hope M-Audio employee Corey S. chimes in here when he shows up Monday early, as it's unfortunate to not have proper use of Faders, Knobs and Buttons.

      Assuming that you do have Trigger Finger Pro MIDI Driver 1.0.8 package installed (having downloaded that specific version (for your specific flavor of Windows) from M-Audio > support > drum machines -- unpacked it, then installed it --,I think a consideration you have not yet explored is the that
      Trigger Finger Pro MIDI - wants to use MIDI port 1
      Trigger Finger Pro Mackie wants to use MIDI port 2

      Yet in your recent post, you signufy that latter driver is using port #4 still, after I advised you otherwise?

      Try disconnecting other MIDI devices, and start a fresh new ProTooks Midi abd Mackie Setup configuration as I've suggested.

      Does TFP control section now work?
      If so, one at a time, connect another MIDI instrunent/controller device and configure it so it works as well.

      Are both MIDI hardware devices working? And so on...

      So you know, I hace only used Reason and Reaper with my TFP so far... not yet my Pro Tools.

      Send the link to the video you say you followed -- but do note, that J.C. likely only had TFP hardware connected to ProTools as MIDI device, ensuring that TFP would connect to your PC's...

      MIDI port 1 (for Trigger Finger Pro MIDI communication) and

      MIDI port 2 (for Trigger Finger Pro Mackie communication) w/TFP.
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  • HI Matt,

    Thanks for posting!

    The TFP should be fine for use in Pro Tools 12. Please make sure that you have gone through our guide and set all of your knobs/buttons/fader etc. to HUI:

    Trigger Finger Pro - Setup in Pro Tools

    When assigning the HUI in your peripherals setup, make sure that you use the TFP "Mackie" port. It sounds like you are already doing this though if the transport is working.

    The next thing I would try here is to remove your other controller from the peripheral setup and move the TFP up to the first slot. Test this out before adding the other controller back in. I've seen similar scenarios where Pro Tools assigns control priority to other devices, even if those other devices don't have faders or knobs. So your TFP parameters may be assigned to tracks far down the line or not at all.

    I hope this helps!
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    • Awesome! Glad I could help :)

      Let me know if you have any more questions.
    • Thanks, I may have another question later. You were all very helpful.
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