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Trigger Finger Pro Live Performance - Vid and Suggestion

Hi guys!

Some may know me here as "AlainSchmidt" user name. I bought the TFP a month and a half ago. I have been playing arround with it and I must say, I love it! The deep internal midi configuration is huge and very usefull to develop and fit any idea you can have with pads/buttons/faders and knobs.

I ́ve seen a lot of videos on the internet about the TFP specs, configuration, etc but so little live performance (Carl Rag...You are the man btw), I ́ve been investigating and finding ways to use the TFP as a main live performance gear and... it ́s so FUN That I ́d like to start an active topic to share and discuss ways to use it in a live performance with Ableton Live.

I have developt some fun tricks over this month and I believe you may have done too :D; So... Lets talk about it!

i will start posting a vid I made yesterday with my Music ́s Bro (aka "_-_-Miki") and If you find a good idea to share and discuss over this topic or you have any question about how did I set it up... Just reply!!!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Best Whises ;)

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  • Hahaha! He's Ba-a-ack!

    So "you pulled trigger" since that exhortative pep talk you were given in these forums a couple months back, 'AlainTFP'? Glad to hear it!

    I 'd appreciate it if you'd habitually use 'Tips n Tricks' jargon somewhere in the Subject title or in the very first line of your posts, when you *do* share each "episode" in your series of posts, 2Ø!

    If you care to go farther, in some cases, provide a YouTube.com or Vimeo.com link in your posts here, if you went to the extreme by creating and publshing a video upload to either site, that demonstrates what you've accomplished and how you pulled ot off.

    And, please don't wait to be asked, before you're about to share the ingredients to the sauce: You might as well know up front, right at the outset, that you've piqued our interest in discovering, with your enthusiastic assistance, new approaches to groove-making -- live, or otherwise, with Trigger Finger Pro.

    Big ups to you, Sir.
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