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Trigger Finger Pro / Logic Pro: Anyone still triggering like a pro? With Logic Pro?

Just wondering if anyone out there is still making use of TFP?

I picked up one recently (a bargain, not a brick) with a view to being able to create beats on-the-fly / triggering samples / loops live.

I'm looking at making the most out of the TFP while accepting the limitations (even if it means having to use an older version of Logic. I still go back to Logic 9 for certain projects as I still like the basic, less glossy look and simplicity). And I've managed to get Airdrums running in an older version of Logic X.

There's no good reason why something as solid as this should be left to gather dust.

My only real gripe so far is not being able to do a factory reset, as the Logic preset on my unit appears to have been over-written.
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  • Hey Milk,

    Thanks for posting!

    The TFP is still a pretty great controller for Logic especially if you're taking advantage of its step sequencer. The TFP does not need to be used exclusively with Arsenal. If you are using Logic, you can load a different plugin or the built-in drum machine, Ultrabeat, and perform or write steps into the TFP's sequencer.

    The TFP's display makes it very simple to reprogram what the pads and controllers send to your computer. Quite useful if you want to assign the TFP's pads to trigger specific notes (for drum voices or otherwise) in a plugin. One of my favorite functions of the TFP's sequencer is its ability to easily change gate and swing times with knobs in real time. I've found those functions quite useful for quickly auditioning variations on a sequence I'm working on.

    This knowledge base article will help you configure the hardware with Logic so you can synchronize the TFP's clock and control Logic's transport.

    M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro - Logic Pro X & Arsenal Setup

    If you were in the market for a nice little pad controller and sequencer, I would say you did quite well! Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Well here's a bit of a plus... I've just installed the latest version of Logic Pro X (10.4.2) and Airdrum's native samples appear to be compatible again. I gigged with the Trigger in my rig last night. It behaved itself AND came in really handy.
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