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I’m angry and relieved at same time

Trigger finger pro tfp Step sequencer timing issue solved

I think the problem is a PC USB puts out too little power. They put out 5v 500 ma. And shares this with all ports! So when starving for power, the sequencer drags and then can speed up when it gets more power momentarily. This issue is gone for me when using a power adapter of 6v 1000ma. Just as the power Jack says. So if it needs that, then how can a USB be good enough even with nothing in other PC USB ports? This explains why it's fine for some. For some use power supply instead. Some use less USB ports. Some have older slower ports. If I use of program, I go power adapter plus USB. No PC, I go power adapter, and midi cable from midi out to my synth, no USB plugged in. And step sequencer works fine! Used it for hours and hours. No timing issue. Tfp clock is steady! Are we supposed to believe the engineers are clueless to what power USB ports put out, and that it is shared with all ports? And PC ports are not the same. Many older PC's do not have the faster ports. But nowhere is this mentioned that I have found. To top it off, too little power takes away some life span. So little ole me with very limited electronics knowledge figured this out, but maudio couldn't? Get outta here. Latency issues too are likely partly from improper power. It shouldn't be years and years after production before solving this. Or should I say, before the cat gets out of the bag. And they didn't let it out. I am now. So use a multi voltage adapter with all the settings. Set it on 6v and your good to go. And spread the word on your YouTube channels, so it can't be suppressed any longer. M_audio: if you delete or hide this post, I will report you, to the BBC, and others. And plaster it on every forum for equipment, musician forums, YouTube, Facebook, etc...
Because selling false promises is wrong! Yeah, I know, everyone is doing it.Well not this time! Planned obsolescence is bs! People hit me up with comments and thanks on Facebook if you wish. You're welcome!
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