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Trigger Finger Pro Will Not Update Firmware To 1.0.8

I have tried everything I could possibly think of to try and update the firmware. The 1.0.8 software will install but when I look at the firmware version after the installation on my TFP, it STILL shows Version 1.0.0 and Boot 1.0.0 and no matter what I do or how many times I try to install and update it, this will not change the firmware version to 1.0.8. Am I missing something? Any help at this point would be GREATLY appreciated.

My system Specs:

Windows 7 Professional SP1
16 Gigs Of Memory
i7 Intel 2.67Ghz Quad-Core with Hyper-Threading (2.67Ghz Cores x 8)
2 External 3TB hard drives, 1 External 1TB SSD
M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra
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