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I’m Angry and Sad

Trigger Finger // Authorization Problem

So i got new TFP and i connect everything installed everyting...all is good when i open Aresnal and want load Hybrid 3 .. it promt me with authorization wich i cannot complete, Online Authorization is broken And mannual over internet... well i got no Email so i am kidna stuck Please Help me
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  • Hello Alexander,

    Thanks for posting!

    The method of authorization that you are using is outdated and is no longer used for the included software with your Trigger Finger Pro. Our current authorization process uses ilok.

    Where did you install this software from? Did you register your Trigger Finger Pro on the M-Audio website? Upon registration, you will be supplied with a current download of the included software, as well as an ilok activation code for authorization.

    Please let me know!
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