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trying to configure 2.1 via receiver, subwoofer, PC/HDMI

I have these items:

MEDIA: Standard & 24bit FLAC.

The AV40 only has RCA input. The receiver only has Speakerwire output. Should I buy a speakerwire-to-RCA converter at The Shack or is there a superior connection? I've never heard of that type of a wire. Should I return this receiver while I still can? It was an open box unit for $216+tax.

Also for some reason my channels are reversed. The right speaker is playing the left channel / left speaker playing the right channel. There are no software options to set this up in Windows or my Realtek sound driver so I believe there must be something up with my speakers. I'm not sure how long this has been going on as I just realized it messing around with the Realtek drivers after I connected the sub via my mobo's center/sub output (which sounds pretty weak).
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  • Hello Nick,

    Thanks for posting!

    Definitely do not connect the receiver bare wire outputs to the AV40s. Bare wire outputs are only used to deliver many watts of power from an amplifier to an unamplified speaker.

    The AV40s already have their own amplifier built-in, so you would essentially be amplifying an amplifier (which will cause damage likely to both the speaker and receiver).

    You may want to confirm with Sony, but I've found pics of that received online and it appears not to have the proper "line level" output you would use to connect to powered speakers like the AV40s.
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  • Thank you so much for responding I really really appreciate it! I've actually posted in a few different forums but it seems my inquiries are too broad and convoluted for most people to take the time.

    Thank you for explaining that the receiver's barewire output is not compatible with powered-speakers. I'm going to reach out to Sony to see if there is a quality/reliable way to configure, if not the Sony will be returned. Might you know of a receiver that would be suitable that offers APTX bluetooth, 7.2 surround sound and in the $300 price range? I have no interest in 4k upscaling or 3d.

    I absolutely love the AV40s. Especially when I hear trumpets, it sounds like live instruments in the room with me. I bought the Pioneer SW-8MK2 subwoofer intended to compliment the AV40's. I can still return the subwoofer if I need to get a different one with better connections.
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