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TFP Uber-Standalone (w/o Arsenal) as MIDI Controller/Hardware Sequencer w/Reason DAW

Trigger Finger Pro "Tips & Tricks" entry...

There's a classicTrigger Finger Pro Reason 7 video tutorial at the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDSxY...

It took all of about 2 weeks to finally identify sources of trouble in my getting the approach outlined in that fine video to work. (I have Windows 7 64-bit, Reason 8.2).

Issues Encountered:
Couldn't get the TFP transport controls to effect the Reason sequencer
Couldn't get the TFP trigger pads to effect the instruments in the Reason Rack.
Didn't find the TFP MIDI option in the Reason's Surface Controller tab and
Didn't see the TFP Mackie option in Reason's MIDI "Sync" tab
Unpredictable/Intermittent behavior with Soundcard's audio stream

Solution 1: M-Audio TFP Driver
Following the steps shown in the video requires that M-Audio_Trigger_Finger_Pro drivers are absolutely installed on your PC or Mac -- regardless of the M-Audio Support website having had posted since TFP's launch, in the "knowledge Base FAQ area, the notion that TFP is class-compliant, and does not need M-Audio driver installation.

A useful Tool for checking the TFP drivers' presence on your system, is Arsenal.
Launch Arsenal and click "Configure Settings" (the "Gear" icon).
IN the Settings Panel that opens, click the "I/O Settings" button
In the Audio/MIDI Settings pane that opens, look for the following items in the
Active MIDI Inputs section:
Trigger Finger Pro MIDI
Trigger Finger Pro Mackie
Trigger Finger Pro Arsenal (this is only visible on Mac systems)

If you don't see those items at all,you need to install the TFP driver, despite claims TFP is "class-compliant".
Go to www.m-audio.com/support/drivers and Select "Drum Machines", then
Select your specific OS and pick the correct (32-bit or 64-bit) variant then
Download and install the M-Audio MIDI driver package to your Mac or PC.

[Bonus Tip] When using Arsenal, are you experiencing trouble loading and hearing some samples, loops, sounds, etc, you've loaded via plugins launched in Arsenal (regardless of whether or not you're employing a software DAW?
Possible Solution:
Depending on how the Trigger Finger Pro suite of software was installed on your machine, it may be that launching Arsenal with Administrator Privileges will get your TFP setup loading plugins properly into Arsenal
I digress...

Solution 2a: Sequencer Track Focus *rules!*
Unless there's a workaround I'm not yet familiar with, note that Reason's Sequencer Track selection "rules", and as such, determines which corresponding instrument TFP's trigger pads will effect.

Clicking on the desired instrument within the Reason rack, does not change the focus for TFP trigger pads to effect that instrument.

Clicking on the corresponding Mixer channel for the desired instrument, does not change the focus for TFP trigger pads to effect that instrument,

!!! However, clicking the corresponding Sequencer Track in Reason, for the desired instrument you wish to play via TFP, does the trick.

Solution 2b: TFP's "Daw Control" Up/Down cursors *rock!*
This is a superior option for simultaneously scrolling though all 3 in Reason:
Mixer Channels, Rack Devices/Instruments & Sequencer Tracks and is especially useful.

Because regardless of where else within the Reason GUI your mouse had selected for focus (example: the browser files and folders) --
TFP's DAW Control Up/Down cursors get you immediately moving sequentially through all 3 corresponding areas of the Reason DAW -- without clicking outside the browser window!

Solution 2c: CAUTION: Computer keyboard's cursor up/down keys' limited ability.
Be aware these don't always permit navigation among Sequencer Tracks.
In the case of having effected Browser focus in Reason, attempting Rack Instrument selection from the computer keyboard's cursor up/down keys will not change the almighty "Track Selection" *(although Instrument and Mixer channel would change) leaving TFP Pads unable to "see" the instrument you're attempting to play.

Solution 3: Soundcard Driver or USB Port Intermittent Performance
Repairing (or simply uninstalling, then reinstalling) your soundcard's drivers -- or simply trying a different USB port on your computer might alleviate unpredictable behavior between TFP, your DAW, and the audio chain.
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