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TFP Uber-Standalone (w/o Arsenal) as MIDI Controller/Hardware Sequencer w/Reason DAW

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  • January 04, 2017 21:43
    Corey S
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  • May 11, 2016 10:24
    TFP Noob
    Change in reply by TFP Noob to Woah, Johnathan!<br /> We would tremendously appreciate your sharing \ this integration idea of yours, in better detail, since many like myself hsve never "rewired" one DAW yo another, and have no idea what you mean by having both Ableton Live, and Propellerhead Reason DAWs operating with Trigger Finger Pro.<br /><br />It sounds worth trying out, so do tell:<br /> 1) Take us step by step in how to set up each DAW, for "rewired" operation<br /> 2) How is Audio routed?<br /> 3) How is MIDI set up -- and what was Master, and what was Slave, in the MIDI configuration?<br /><br /> Huge thanks in advance, if you can pull the requested tutorial off!<br /><br />If you'd rather *show* us rather than write out an outline here on how you rewired Reason into Ableton, and MIDI (slaved?) the Trigger Finger Pro to one of the 2 DAWs -- we'd encourage you to flex your media muscle, and post here, a YouTube link, to a Video called "How-To Rewire Reason inside Live, w/TriggerFinger Pro" that would be a huge hit. If not you slone, perhaps a buddy of yours -- or someone else reading this might produce it (with the camera locked down on a device such as a tripod (Shaky-cam YouTube videos are despicable!) <br /><br />Hats off to whoever can get this one done! Bruh! How (I wish M-Audio posted such a compellingly cool video tute at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Cheers! \ :-).

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