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Usb interface: iMac 5K and Roland V-Drums

Hi all
Unfortunately today my ole MacPro 2008 died and I just bought a new iMac 27 5K.
Since my main work is sw development, and I play drums and guitar for hobby, I did not check the specs at first but I found out iMac has no line input anymore.
So far, I am planning to have the same setup as on my MacPro: audio output goes to HK SoundSticks 3; digital audio output goes into a dac and to a 1/4" input on the Roland VDrums (usually I send my itunes tracks to play along) audio input comes from the Roland VDrums (2 1/4" l/r combined to a 1/8" stereo jack)
Which product do you suggest to solve my problem? I was looking at M-Track 2x2 but I am really a noob and need your help
Thanks a lot
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