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Using Axiom Air 32 Mini with Logic Pro X

Hi there,

I've just acquired an Axiom Air 32 and would love to use the product in live performance. How do I map audio samples onto the pad bank?

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    It's important to note that you will not be loading samples onto the pads, but rather using the pads to trigger a software instrument that will play the samples. I think your best option for this is their Ultrabeat drum sampler plugin. You can check out this video for some more info on setting it up:

    If you hit the pads you should see the corresponding sample light up in the Ultrabeat software so you'll know what to change. You could either load your desired sample up to this pad or change the note of the pad to line up with a sample in the software. Here's how to change the note of a desired pad:

    1. Hit the Edit button on your Axiom
    2. Press the key labeled "Pad Learn"
    3. Hit the key on the keyboard that corresponds with the note you would like to send
    4. Hit the pad you would like to send that note

    And that's it! Now your pad should send the selected note each time it's hit.

    Hope this helps!
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