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Video game commentary out of sync

Hi im having an issue whit my recordings.

I'm trying to do 30-40 minutes video game commentary videos for youtube, i use a blue bluebird microphone connected to my m-audio m track quad for voice commentary, and for the video games i use an Elgato HD60 to the same windows PC.

When im done capturing the video game footage and the recorded voice i import the files into adobe premiere pro cc i synced them up by going "1 2 3" whit my voice and whit the menus in the game, once there synced in the begging everything is fine, but as the video goes on, the voice commentary becomes out of sync more and more, and by the final minutes of the video it's out of synced by like 2-3 seconds or more.

i've tried a lot of different things recommended on forums like switching to ASIO drivers device and lowering the sample rates and that only reduces the latency, i tried using other programs other than Adobe Audition, capturing the video game and microphone on different computers but nothing fixes the problem completly.

i know it has something to do whit the delay the interface adds to the voice recording, but is there a way to record in real time? without delay or latency?

Pc specs in case it helps in any way:

Windows 8.1 64
Intel i7-4770S CPU @ 3.10ghz
16 gb RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
120gb SSD (where Audition and Game Capture HD are installed)
2 TB HDD (where the files are saved)
Realtek High Definition Audio

i would really appreciate any sugestions you guys have for fixing this problem.
thank you
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