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VIP 3.0 Released!

Hey everybody!

VIP 3.0 has been released!

If you are already running VIP 2.0, you should receive a prompt to update to the latest version upon launching the software. VIP 3.0 installers will also be located within user accounts.

Important: Please make sure that VIP is closed completely before running the updater!

VIP 3.0 expands support to additional M-Audio controllers outside of the CTRL49 including:

  • M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32

  • M-Audio Code 25

  • M-Audio Code 49

  • M-Audio Code 61

  • M-Audio Oxygen 25

  • M-Audio Oxygen 49

  • M-Audio Oxygen 61

Users that have registered the above controllers in their M-Audio accounts can refer to the Registered Products page in their accounts for more information!

Here are some of the new features implemented in VIP 3.0:

  • VIP Native Plugin Map Standard allows third-party developers to create their own plugin maps for VIP

  • MIDI Learn

  • Pad Chord Progressions

  • Key Control - You can now use the Key Control section to play scales, harmonized chords, or chord progressions from your expanded VIP keyboard or MIDI keyboard

  • Browser Snapshots

  • Preset Ratings

  • User Feedback Module

  • MIDI Panic button

  • Key commands enhancements

  • MPC chord progression file support

  • Caching and Smooth preset transitions

  • Many bug fixes and stability enhancements.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the new features, please refer to the following link:

VIP 3.0 Release Notes

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